Washable Furnace Filter Canada - 1" in all sizes


 Available in the following sizes: (Inches)

Standard sizes listed have a nominal thickness of 1" (7/8" actual) and are undersized by 3/8" in both dimensions, as is industry standard.

16x24x1  ;  16x25x1  ; 18x24x1  ; 20x20x1  ; 20x25x1

Custom sizes are available up to 1250 square inches (maximum length is 25”)*Choose Other and enter EXACT size required at checkout 

NOTE for lengths over 25” order 2 filters to be used combined to achieve longer sizes

*Due to increasing shipping charges we will no longer make filters any longer than 25 inches if you require a longer length please consider halving your length and combining two filters

Popular custom sizes: 10x20x1  ; 12x20x1 ; 15x28x1; 16x20x1 ; 14x25x1 ; 16x24x1

NOTE: With custom size filters, we will produce the EXACT size you enter. Nominal thickness of 1" (7/8" actual) applies

Measure the filter opening to ensure a tight fit. You may specify up to 1/4" fractions - no smaller.

 If one or more dimensions exceed 28", there may be an additional oversize ship fee of $30.

 PRODUCTION TIME custom sizes take about 3-5 weeks



“We Are Working Hard To Help Save The Environment”

The Only Air Filter In The World That Tells You When It Is Time To Clean... With The New Patented Whistle Cleaning Alarm
The Green Whistle™ reusable, washable filter means you will not ened to throw another filter into your local landfill. The media within the filter has antimicrobial elements embedded .

The Green Whistle™ Air Filter is a Canadian Made product that is constructed of top quality materials and designed to outlive it’s generous 25 year warranty.

The Green Whistle™ Air Filter also incorporates a patented Air Alarm that notifies you when it is time to clean your filter. This has many advantages. Your filter and handling system operates at it’s designed peak performance. Dust dirt and contaminants are trapped in the filter and are cleaned before they are pushed out into the air stream.

The Green Whistle™ Air Filter is also made with an Anti-Microbial property that helps to eliminate organic contaminants such as dust mites, fungii and other harmfull bacteria.

The Green Whistle™ Air Filter give you many years of excellent service and save you money. It also greatly reduces the burden on our landfill sites. Just imagine that if millions of homes and condos changed their filters 6 times a year and disposed their old filters to the land fill that is 6 times the millions and millions of homes in North America. The figure is truly staggering.

Handcrafted Quality.... Premium Electrostatic Air Filter

Peak Arrestance 96.5%

Initial Resistance .16 w.g.

Dust-Holding Capacity 165g

Air Leak Proof With Wraparound Frame

*New Electrostatically Charged Premium Poly Media

Natural Anti-Microbial Woven Polypropylene With Self Charged Electrostatic Fibres

Black Anti-Microbial Woven Polypropylene With Self Charged Electrostatic Fibres

*New Design – Gold Anodized Aluminum Filter Frame

Custom Made Aluminum Diamond Pattern Expanded Support


Why Use A Electrostatic Air Filter?

• To maintain the cleanest indoor air in your home

• Lowers your heating and cooling cost

• Improves on your efficiency of your system

• Removes harmful dust, pollen, dust mites, mold and dander

• Less Housecleaning

• No electricity required

• No harmful ozone emissions

• Anti-Microbial

• You save money – one time purchase

• Environmentally friendly and washable

• Reasonably priced


The Advantages Of The Clean Air Gold Series

• The only filter in the world that tells you when it is time to clean

• Our Air Filter is Permanent and Never Needs To Be Replaced

• Heavy-Duty Custom Extruded Anodized Color Aluminum Frame

• Removes all pollutants with 96.5% arrestance

• Easy to use Non-Toxic Plastic Pull Strap for Removal of Furnace

• The highest dust and particle holding capacity

• You will never have to purchase another filter again

• Fast drying design when washing

• All sizes are available from standard to custom