ECOairflow Dynamo Model 1"

Model Dynamo - All-in One Filtration

This unit is designed to operate from a supply of 24 VOLTS AC AT 2VA. DO NOT CONNECT TO 110 VAC POWER!

The Dynamo is our best 1” filter. It uses patented electronic technology to trap airborne contaminants like dust including dust mite feces, dander and pollen. The Dynamo will effectively trap particles as small as .001 microns in size. Even the best pleated filters cannot do this. Our filters also catch things like bacteria, viruses, smoke of all kinds (tobacco, automotive, cooking, fireplace) and most heavy metal particles including those created through radon decay processes.

The DYNAMO uses electronic polarization to trap airborne contaminants like dust, dander and pollen. It effectively traps ultra fine particles as small as .001 microns, many of which can pose serious health risks. These include smoke of all types, viruses, bacteria, polonium and many other pathogens. The DYNAMO is twice as effective as a HEPA filter at this particle size level and up to 45 times as effective as even the most expensive pleated filters.

The DYNAMO has low static pressure drop, significantly better than most throwaway pleated filters. Air flows more easily through it, reducing operating costs by up to 15%.

  • LEED Compliant
  • SAVINGS - Reduce your heating and Cooling cost by as much as 15%
  • TANDEM UNITS TOGETHER -For commercial applications
  • ONE PIECE PAD - For quick & easy maintenance