Commercial Baffle filters - Restaurant hood filters

Galvanized, Aluminum & Stainless Steel

Nominal sizing: measures approx. 1/2" smaller on Vertical and Horizontal lenghts

Filters are listed V x H (vertical by horizontal) measurements.

Cleaning grease filters on a regular basis prevents grease fires and allows the
restaurant's range hood to evacuate smoke more efficiently. Removable stainless
steel grease filters are designed to be quickly washed in a restaurant dishwasher so
they are not left to build up thick layers of grease. Grease filters that are not
dishwasher-safe will not be damaged when grease is softened with hot steam and wiped
away. Run a safe and clean restaurant kitchen by properly cleaning the range hood
grease filters.

NOTE: Baffle filters are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery