Goldshield TUVLM-PRT Freshaire UV Bulb and 1" Media Filter

TUVLM-PRT Replacement Filter Canada

The Fresh-Aire UV light inside Purity sterilizes biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc. in the air as they pas through the system. UV light also reduces microbial growth on air system interior surfaces.

When UV light shines on this specially prepared filter media it creates a photocatalytic effect which captures volatile organic compounds (odor molecules) and transforms them into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide

Replacement TUV-LMPRT KIT includes:

Replacement Lamp and Media for Purity PCO filter, includes TUVL-200F-OS and 25"x25"x1" PCO media (cut to size)

* this is a special order item, please allow 5-10 business days during normal times

* DO NOT DISPOSE OF REUSABLE FRAME. We are not able to order this part due to our suppliers not stocking them  


For use with Reliance Equipment TUV UV system.

Bulb and 1" media come together in tube. Media filter needs to be cut to size.

R14F / MAY or NOR1225           TUV-PRT-(ER/ST/SP)-14F 14 X 28 TUV-RFM-4-1225

R17F / MAY or NOR1625           TUV-PRT-(ER/ST/SP)-17.5F 17.5 X 28 TUV-RFM-4-1625

R21F / MAY or NOR1825           TUV-PRT-(ER/ST/SP)-21F 21 X 28 TUV-RFM-4-1825

R24F / MAY or NOR2025           TUV-PRT-(ER/ST/SP)-24.5F 24.5 X 28 TUV-RFM-4-2025